Who Chooses us? All those, for whom time factor, price, efficiency, quality and professionalism are not a matter of compromise! People who want a flawless new or old smile and who are not held back by a 2.5 – 3 hours direct flight from Dublin to Budapest. The not-so-recent World Economic Crisis or the Covid-19 we have had with us since the beginning of 2020 has already affected and continues to affect millions of people and many of them are forced to look for other alternatives to home, often unaffordable dental treatments.

We believe that dental care should not be a financial matter only. However we understand that many people who want to look after their teeth and their smile, are just not financially in a position to do so. Most of the patients are aware about the possibility of having dental treatment abroad for a fraction of the cost. For these patients, with the previous in mind, La Porta Dental would like to help with an alternative dental treatment possibility in Budapest – Hungary:

  • No waiting list
  • We receive our patient within 1-2 weeks time
  • Maximum utilization and therefore a much shorter treatment time
  • Really affordable prices, at the same time the latest technnology
  • 24 years of professional experience
  • Dental warranty for dental work
  • A very short, only 3 hour flight from Ireland

World-class in both technical equipment and on the professional personal/human side!  We welcome our patients in Budapest, in an a 6 and in a 3 dental chair department with own x-ray rooms to make Panoramic x-ray or 3Dimensional CT-scan.

Among the wide range of our dental services you can find the whitening, the aesthetic filling, dental implantation, porcelain, ceramic and zirconium crown, sinus lift, the „all on 4” and „all on 6” solution, general anesthesia, but even the most serious bone graft surgeries aswell, like bone transplantation from the jaw, from the hip or even from the tibia. The latter mentioned are performed only in a very few private clinics in Europe!

Our well recognized doctors and specialists represent the best of their profession and of course, are all members of the Hungarian Medical Chamber!

Seize the opportunity, but before travelling to Hungary, ask for a free treatment plan from our experienced and professional dental team. All you need is to send a recent panoramic x-ray by e-mail and you will receive your plan in 1-2 days. Enjoy Your Smile!

Phone: +36 30 299 0769


We are pleased to inform our patients, that the long-term and successful collaboration since 2013, have been now extended. The mutual cooperation – experience and the excellent working relationship between La Porta Dental and Southgate Dental Clinic, in Southgate Shopping Centre, Dublin Road, Drogheda, Co Louth, Ireland, guarantees the excellent dental treatments and their results!

Our goal, having more than fifteen years’ experience dealing with Irish patients in Hungary – Budapest, is to extend our services in Ireland aswell and make them more easily reachable for the Irish patients who may not feel comfortable travelling and having extensive work carried out while being away from home. La Porta Dental would like to help these patients, to get in touch with a Dental Clinic which was previously thoroughly vetted and researched.

Having already worked 7 years before with Dr. Antal Roka in Hungary, we are very confident that any and all patients treated in this care will be more than happy with the service, staff & with the prices which are somewhere below the Irish prices, but still well above the Hungarian prices.

The dental team at Southgate Dental have exceptional dental knowledge and experience, they are all registered members of the Irish dental council, attending the dental patients in a modern, clean and well designed dental clinic!

The clinic is designed in close to 200 square meters and for now has 6 separated dental surgeries, an onsite digital X- Ray and CT-Scan (3D Imaging) for quick and comprehensive treatment planning. Dr. Antal Roka, is the principle dentist and owner of the clinic. He is registered with the Irish Dental Council, as a general dentist, but also as a Specialist Oral Surgeon. Dr. Roka has been living in Ireland for many years and has been treating patients nationwide, with excellent results and aesthetics.

The clinic provides a full spectrum of dental treatments, like listed below:

Surgical Treatments:

Wisdom tooth extractions, Dental Implants, Sinus Lift, Bone Augmentation.

Prosthetic Treatments:

Zirconium Crowns, Porcelain fused to Metal Crowns, Porcelain Veneers.


Partial and Full Dentures, Acrylic Dentures, Chrome Cobalt Dentures.

General Dental Treatments:

Extractions, Root Canal Treatments, Fillings, Hygiene treatments, Home Whitening

and many more.

Contact us today to arrange a suitable appointment for consultation! We offer healthy smiles & dental implants!

Phone: +36 30 299 0769
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