LaPortaDental deals with medical tourism. Established in 2006 it plays an important role in channeling patients to its dental clinic in Budapest and works as an associate partner of the dental clinic in Drogheda (near Dublin). LaPortaDental has recently opened a new field of treatment to help with men’s hair loss recovery – a hair restoration service in Hungary. Patients are invited to Budapest to get FUE hair transplant in just 3 days and they can save 60% on local costs!Hair transplants and dental implants

As with dental patients from UK, Ireland the LaPortaDental team takes care of everything a patient might need during his or her stay in Budapest. Our team helps with airport transfers, hotel bookings, airline bookings and a dedicated person helps in getting around in Budapest if a patient requires so. We provide tailor-made full service and we pay full attention in order to fully satisfy patients’ needs.

Expertise, experience are the guarantee of a happy patient that looks for affordable medical services like hair replacement, dental implantology. We always find the way to bridge the gap in a foreign environment – patients basically do not experience any issues while going abroad to get their treatment.

Hungary is a number one hot spot in Europe for dental tourism accounting for 40% of dental holidays abroad. With a good reason: state-of-the-art technology, the best raw material and equipment paired with expertise, effective and friendly communication and assisstance.

In the past 3 years Budapest has become a hair replacement capital of Europe. FUE SafeSystem warrants painless, scarfree implants of own hair from the donor area to the recepient area to regain your old look and the reduced hairline will disappear!

We look forward to any question you might have!

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