It goes without saying that questions arise in the patient before a dental treatment in a foreign country, in this case Hungary. In general, this is a serious decision that has probably been brewing for some time and we examined countless factors before we made it. Let’s take a look now at the most frequently asked questions from our patients:

  1. What guarantees the expected result?

The expected result is ensured by four basic conditions.

  • Continuous professional training, experience and background of doctors.
  • The outstanding quality of the tools and materials used.
  • High-quality work process, based on strict medical and dental protocol.
  • More than 20 years of professional experience.
  1. Am I safe in terms of treatment?

100% yes! Our clinic in Hungary, operates according the controlled norms and quality standard of the MSZ, EN and ISO 9001:2008, in full compliance with it.

  • MSZ – Hungarian Standard
  • EN – European Standard
  • ISO 9001:2008 – International Standard Organization
  1. How will I communicate?

A high level of communication is essential. It means safety and trust for both the patient and the doctor. From the very first moment of your inquiry, till the end of your dental treatment, you will find that communication is extremely easy. In our dental clinic and surgery in Budapest, our team speaks fluently English, Spanish, and Italian in addition to Hungarian language.

  1. Do I have a warranty?

Yes,you have very serious guarantees – The longest guarantee compared to the offers of other dental clinics!

  • Titanium and zirconium dental implants (for the material) lifetime!
  • crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays we offer 5 years! (extendable)
  • overdentures, combined dentures, partial dentures we offer 3-5 years! (extendable)
  • fillings we offfer 1 year

The guarantee covers the free replacement, the reparation or the renewal of the defective or damaged dental components and materials within the warranty period!

How this is fulfilled in reality? If you have a failed or rejected implant, our dentist will place a new one under guarantee. In case of a defective or broken crown, it will be repaired or changed for a new one, of course at the expense of the warranty. On certain occasions, this is supplemented by a travel support to Hungary, Budapest, in a value of up to 100 EUR!

  1. How can be the price so much favorable?

The lower prices of dental treatments and materials offered by our clinic is due primarily to the lower labor costs. In Hungary, lower salaries are one of the main reasons why the dental services are so economical and affordable. The other main reason is the long-term relationship with our suppliers and partners, based on common interests, going back for decades now.

  1. Does the favorable low cost, mean lower quality?

No way! As above indicates, the reasons of the lower prices of dental treatments and materials lie elsewhere. The favorable prices are not related with the quality of the dental services, because these are all regulated by EU and Hungarian standards. If there is a connection to mention, then only a very positive one, the cheaper costs are also good for the clinic, because thanks to this, it can spend more in other areas or on trainings, which ultimately serve the interests of the patient again.

  1. Is it still worth it, if we add additional costs such as travel, accommodation and meals?

In most cases, yes! This is easy to calculate, it mainly depends on the degree of treatment. Send us a recent panoramic x-ray and request a free treatment plan. Add to this the cost of the trip (the flight is about 100-200 EUR), the accommodation (you can find great accommodation in Budapest between 50-70 EUR/night) and the meal, which cannot be said to be expensive in Hungary. Based on experience, it can generally be said that our patients can save 40-70% compared to the prices of dental treatment at home.