About the CT Scanner

In the beginning it was developed and used to examine and to study the brain, but for today the CT scanner is used to take images from any part of the body.

This CT scanner (computerised tomography) is different from the traditional x-ray machines. While conventional machines only use one x-ray, the CT apply numerous x-rays at the same time from different angles  throuh the body. Of course more x-rays means more information, so at the and we have a very detailed (3D) picture to be analyzed by the dentist, without any operation and uncomfortable examinations, interventions.

With the help of the 3D images, the cosmetic dentist is able to prepare an extreamly precise diognosis and treatment plan.

Claustrophobic patient can use it as well without any problem, because unlike the MRI, you are not placed in any machine. The patient occupies a special chair and after that the device describes a circle around the head. The whole process takes approx. 30 seconds. No pain or similar discomfort!

About the X-ray

The conventional  X-ray is a 2D. image of the teeth. With this can be observed the condition of the bones, soft tissues, you can recognize the cavities, but also gives you detailed information about hidden structures like root canals, wisdom teeth in the bone, quantity of the bone and several other useful information.

Based on the results of the screening process it turns out if it is absolutely essential to initiate a dental treatment!

Both of this indispensable tools are at your disposal in our high-tech dental clinic in Drogheda – Dublin.

Special offers

  • The first digital panoramic x-ray and consultation is free!  (The price, 50 EUR will be deducted from your invoice).
  • The price of the 3D CT Scan now is just 100 EUR.

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