Style is the man himself! In the case of a personal encounter, the first criterion for this begins with appearances, and when it comes for hair, we are the best at creating it.

Different in a good sense! – La Porta HairHungary Clinic, is the No.1 in innovative and experienced hair transplantation in Hungary. We are the pioneers in the introduction and use of modern technologies. Accordingly we were the first in Hungary to use the FUE technique, then in 2010 we were the first to introduce the FUE S.a.f.e. System.

Trivellini Mamba System for hair transplantsWe are currently the first in Hungary to use the Trivellini Mamba System, which is the most modern hair transplantation technology in the world. Using the Trivellini Mamba device, our surgeons isolate intact hair follicles, according to the different skin levels, with the minimum contact time, which results extraction of injury-free grafts in the shortest possible time.

The functions of the Trivellini device will be individually adjusted for each patient, to perform the extraction of your hair follicles in a personalized way, to treat your skin individually in order to achive the fastest regeneration time in each case.

What we guarantee for you hair transplant service

  • Professionalism
  • Experience
  • Specialists
  • Thoroughness
  • Excellent results in 1 or in 2 days
  • Short waiting list
  • Favorable prices
  • Safety
  • Guarantee
  • Hungarian and European standards and controls
  • Easy and simple to reach us (With a short flight, within hours you can arrive to Budapest)

Special Offer: the I-PRF treatment and the preliminary lab tests are included in the price of the 1 Day and 2 Days treatment.

Example for a One Day hair loss surgery treatment

Diagnosis is based on the photos and/or personal consultation – It is androgenetic alopecia, NW3V!

Ludvig / Norwood scale for hair transplants

Hair loss assessment mapThe proffessional opinion in this case is that we can achieve an excellent result with the transplantation of 1.800 – 2.200 grafts (cca. 3.600 – 4400 hair shafts) in a 1 day session. This would be enough to reconstruct the hair structure including the vertex zone, plus give natural density till reaching back.

After we continue to fill in the front zones (this means the zones behind the hairline zone, to give a homogenous hair structure). The amount will be sufficient, if we would minimally (1 cm max.) alter the height of your hairline in the middle. If you would require to change the hairline more, the number of grafts needed, can be higher. If it is so, if we exceed the 2.200 grafts, then we are already talking about a two days session.

We would also suggest targeted therapy for the possible future hairloss according to your androgenetic genetic base.

The cost of the above illustrated hair transplant surgery varies from 2.880 € to 3.520 €

In our exclusive clinic in the green belt of Budapest, more exactly Buda, we have been treating our Hungarian and foreign patients for almost 20 years to their great satisfaction. This is proved not only by the thousands of patient with youthful lush hair, but also by the fact that also the relatives and friends of these previous patients present themselves in our hairtransplantation clinic with great confidence. It is our duty to reciprocate this with the highest possible level of hair transplantation, at a still affordable price!

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We prepare your personalized treatment plan and free quotation, based on the pictures taken from your head from every side (left-right-front-back-top) and send it to you by e-mail within 24-48 hours.

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